May 15, 2017

Community Health

Community Health Care Services

Ela Foundation has a panel of in-house medical specialists including Prof. Dr. Satish Pande (MD, DNB, Radiology and Imaging), Dr. Satish Karmalkar (MD, Paediatrics), Dr. Nitin Sakhdeo (FRCS), Dr. Uday Shetty (MD, Medicine), Dr. Harish Sane (BDS), Dr. Nivedita Pande (BDS),  Dr. Sanjay Rawal (MD, Gynecology), Dr. Nirupama Sakhdeo (MRCOG), Dr. Ramesh Godbole (MD,  Pathology), Dr. Shreekant Kelkar (MS, Opthalmology),  Dr. Nilesh Kulkarni MD), and other doctors. Ela Foundation offers health care services in diverse fields like Radiology and Imaging, Pediatrics, Medicine, Dentistry, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, etc. We conduct health camps for early detection of anemia, hypertension, diabetes, dental hygiene, gynecological diseases, diagnostics, etc.  Diagnostic, preventive and educational health services are offered to children, women, and elderly people from rural communities (farmers, shepherds, laborers, students, housewives, etc.).

Ela Foundation in collaboration with the ‘Rotary Club of Poona West’ has established ‘Prakruti’ – The Rural Community Health Center, at Ela Habitat, Pingori.

Ela Foundation believes that ‘Good health is the foundation of a healthy environment’.  People are the custodians of habitats and they preserve or destroy natural heritage. Providing health care to communities attracts their attention and participation towards nature conservation.