May 15, 2017

Ornithology Courses

Ela Foundation, through the OENSL [Ornithology, Ethno-Ornithology and Natural Sounds Laboratory] has formulated the ‘CERTIFICATE COURSE IN BASIC ORNITHOLOGY’. The autonomous course is conducted jointly with the Maharashtra Education Society and is conducted at M.E.S. Abasaheb Garware College, Pune and has now completed 13 consecutive years of knowledge sharing. The course is conducted on a no profit no loss basis with the philosophy of imparting scientific understanding of bird life to promote nature and bird conservation through peoples’ participation. Over one thousand participants from rural and urban areas of Maharashtra have completed the course till date.

The course begins on the first Monday of December and includes about 40 lectures with audio-visual interactive presentations, demonstrations, workshop, field visits and tree plantation program. Students may have an opportunity to participate in some field projects of Ela Foundation and in its community biodiversity education and conservation outreach programs in rural areas. All lectures will be held on Mondays and Thursdays from 6.30 pm till 9.30 pm.

Admissions are limited and are on first come first serve.

All those who are interested in birds, nature and conservation can join. Participants should be SSC and above. Previous participants were house wives, students, school and college teachers, doctors, engineers, farmers, businessmen, lawyers, architects, writers, artists, IT professionals, photographers, journalists, foresters, government employees, technical persons, industrialists, armed forces personnel, tour operators, technocrats, administrators, shopkeepers, mechanics, etc.

Various aspects of ornithology are covered including biodiversity, history of ornithology, ethno-ornithology, avian adaptations for flight, anatomy, how birds fly, flightlessness, why birds migrate, feeding behavior, breeding behavior, bird communication, birds as architects, habitats, GIS Mapping, population dynamics, avian archaeo-zoology, evolution of birds, bird calls, bird photography, birds as bio-indicators, bird diseases and treatment, avian influenza monitoring, bird survey techniques, current issues in ornithology, legal aspects, wildlife crime, conservation, bird feeders and nest boxes, role of journalism in bird conservation, etc.

Course Director is Prof. Dr. Satish Pande, MD, DNB, PhD, F.M.A.Sci., FLS, Director, Ela Foundation

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