March 10, 2017


The OENSL – Ornithology, Ethno-Ornithology and Natural Sounds Laboratory.

(An Ela Foundation and MES, research facility)


  • The vision of the OENSL is to promote education and research in Ornithology, Ethno-ornithology and Natural Sounds to further Nature Conservation.



  • The objectives of the OENSL are as follows:
  • Conduct Avian Research in modern perspective:
  • Fundamental Ornithological Research
  • Nilkanth Joshi Lab for Ethno-ornithological Research
  • Research in Bio-acoustics
  • Man-Bird Impact Research
  • Rural Biodiversity Conservation Outreach Initiatives
  • Impart Excellent Ornithological and Ecological Education to students
  • Conduct Ornithological and Ecological Surveys
  • Promote public contact for conservation sensitization through publications
  • Make Collaborations with national & international organizations
  • Advise industry for ecological studies (power, aviation, health, construction, etc.)
  • Research and publish original material for conservation-education and awareness
  • Design various nature conservation tools and equipment for public use



‘Vinay Vihar’ Boys’ Hostel, Abasaheb Garware College, Karve Road, Pune


Faculty and Administration:

  • Dr. Satish Pande, Director OENSL
  • Dr. Suruchi Pande, Head, Nilkanth Joshi Lab of Ethno-ornithology, OENSL
  • Vivek Vishwasrao, Biodiversity and Planning
  • Pramod Deshpande, Publications and Software
  • Dr. Arundhati Vishwasrao, Library and Conservation Education
  • Rajkumar Pawar, Rural Outreach
  • Rahul Lonkar, Rural Outreach
  • Pradeep Marathe, Administration & Liaison
  • Chandrashekhar Joshi, Printing
  • Kaustubh Mudgal, Printing
  • Prashant Deshpande, Maintenance
  • Raghavendra Manavi, Communication



Fundamental Avian Research:

  • Ornithology Lab (Dry and Wet Labs)
  • Nilkanth Joshi Ethno-ornithology Lab
  • Natural Sounds (Bio-acoustics) Lab
  • BBIRD Lab (Bird-Building Impact Research & Development)


Education & Academics:

  • Conference / Seminar Hall
  • Students Teaching Room
  • Library and Reading Room


Surveys & Assessments:

  • Field Projects Facility
  • Room for data and other storage



  • Publications Research & Development Center
  • Storage facility for books, publications, equipment, etc.


Conservation of Rural Bio-Diversity:

Research facility

Ornithology, Ethno-ornithology and Natural Sounds Labs

Administration and Staff:

  • Reception
  • Ornithology Lab
  • Sound Lab
  • Ethno-ornithology lab
  • Library
  • Seminar Hall
  • Pantry
  • Administrative Office
  • Toilet block




Ongoing projects:

  • Ecological studies for corporate industry on wind energy, thermal energy, aviation, animal diseases, limnology, etc.
  • Publication of Ela Files: Natural History Photographic documents on Indian birds through original research and field work.
  • Publication of original books on ornithology, ethno-ornithology, natural sounds, ecology, flora and conservation education.
  • Research related to ornithology, herpetology, amphibians, mammals and flora.


Ongoing courses:

  • Certificate Course in Basic Ornithology (now in the 11th year).
  • Certificate Course in Ecological Perspective in Indian Culture and Philosophy.
  • Certificate Course in Rural Biodiversity Conservation (only for rural regions).