October 30, 2018



Wild Life Conservation: India Podcast



Wild Life Conservation: India Podcast! by Ela Foundation.

We welcome you to the podcasts on “India’s Natural Heritage”.

Ancient Indian culture believes that man is a part of nature & not it’s master.
Appreciation, Conservation & Protection of wildlife based on the principles of respect & love in the era of technological advancement is the key to safeguard the future of Mother Earth – Ela.

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E1 – Bonelli”s Eagle: A TrilogyLife and Threats


E2 – Bonelli”s Eagle: A TrilogyRescue and Rehabilitation


E3 – Bonelli”s Eagle: A TrilogyFostering the Orphan


E4 – The Life Of A Sparrow


E5 – Why Are Sparrows Declining?


E6 – How Can I Help Sparrows?


E7 – Pardhi Tribes – Traditional Knowledge For Conservation.


E8 – Bird Migration – Studying Bird Migration.


E9 – Bird Migration – Significance Of Bird Migration.


E10 – Owls Of India – Introduction.


E11 – Owls & Scowls – Science Behind Superstition.